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Wellington Motorsport Association (WMSA)

For an organistaion that is so often talked about, few have a clear idea of what WMSA is.  So here is a brief description.

WMSA was started as an association, with most of Car Clubs from the greater Wellington Region represented, to act as a co-ordinating body.  There are now car clubs from Wairarapa, and Levin, down through Porirua, Hutt Valley, and Wellington represented.  This includes general motorsport orientaed clubs like Wellington, Hutt Valley, Harbour Capital, Wairarapa, etc as well as specalist and Marque Clubs like MG, Jaguar, and Porsche etc. 

It's main purpose is to co-ordinate a motorsport event calendar so that the numerous events that happen around the greater Wellington Region don't clash on the same dates.  The association also co-ordinates a number of event series including :

  • Kim Naylor Autocross Series
  • Duncan McKenzie Sealed Sprint Series
  • Stewards Trophy Motorkhana Series
  • WMSA Gravel Sprint Series
  • WMSA Rally Sprint Series
  • Honda Challenge Trophy Night Trial Series
Each March WMSA holds it's annual Prizegiving where the series trophies are presented as well as the Premier Awards for Mobil Wellington Motorsport Person of the Year, and the Photopak Photographer of the Year. The evening also incorporates the annual prizegiving for The Surgery Intermarque Sprint Series, Hutt Valley Motorsport Club, Wellington Car Club, and Harbour Capital Car Club.

The member clubs also use WMSA to share resources for the organising and running of events, as well as spreading info on events that are happening far and wide to the individual members of the various clubs.

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